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Reasons to choose a vinyl wrap:
  • Change Color Without Painting

  A new paint job can be a costly investment, especially if you go for a top-of-the-line treatment for your vehicle. If your car is nearing the final third of its lifespan, a paint job might not even be worth the investment. Still, you owe it to yourself to have a car that looks fresh and sporty. With a vinyl wrap, you could transform the look of your car at only a fraction of the price that you might otherwise pay for a new paint job. A vinyl wrap can make any car look sleek, stylish and brand new. If your car has long been dull, a vinyl wrap could give you newfound reasons to take pride in your automobile. Vinyl wraps come in a variety of colors with metallic sheens, the likes of which are far more varied and vibrant than typical paint jobs.

  • Protect Your Car's Paint

 A vehicle wrap could serve as a protective coat for the paint on your vehicle. If you drive a high-value car and wish to protect its appearance, you could have a vinyl wrap placed over the body for a select length of time and preserve the underlying appearance for as long as you drive the vehicle. A vehicle wrap could be long-term or temporary, depending on how long you wish to keep the wrap. Vehicle wraps are easy to remove and won’t leave any traces or marks. If you only plan to drive the vehicle for a limited time before you retire the car to your garage for safekeeping, a wrap could protect the paint from the elements night and day. If you take long drives in the heat, a body wrap will prevent the UV rays from causing dull, faded spots across the vehicle. If you leave your car parked outside in the pouring rain, the wrap will protect the body and paint job from downpours and other environmental elements.

Benefits of a vinyl wrap:
  • Cost

 The first factor to consider when you weigh the respective benefits of paint jobs and wraps is cost. For a high-quality paint job, you could end up paying a four-figure sum. Granted, the best paint job that money could buy might make your vehicle look as good as new, even if the vehicle is old and worn. However, if the vehicle is in the twilight of its working life, a high-quality paint job would probably not be worth the investment. The only possible exception would be if the vehicle is a classic model that you plan to keep as a display piece.

A vehicle wrap is usually the more affordable option when it comes to high-quality body coats. A wrap will cover the body panels of your vehicle in the same manner as a paint coat. The difference is that a wrap can be removed with no damage to the underlying surface. While the wrap is on, the body will be shielded from rain, snow, hail and debris. Whether your car is new or old, a body wrap could give it a luster and uniqueness that could far outshine a paint job, and for a fraction of the price. If you only plan to use your car for a few more years, a body wrap would be the more economical choice than a new paint job. With a fancy wrap, your older vehicle would have a striking appearance that could make it more fun to drive for the remainder of its active life.

  • Maintenance

 The tasks involved with the maintenance of your vehicle body will differ if you choose a wrap over a paint job. While a paint job will last between five to seven years if you keep it properly maintained, a wrap requires less maintenance and is easier to replace. With a paint job, you will need to clean and polish the vehicle periodically. This maintenance is the only way you can protect the paint and prevent harmful dirty buildup that could otherwise cake onto the surface and erode the paint in spots. If cracks form in the paint, the underlying metal could be exposed to rainwater and rock salt, the leading causes of rust and corrosion. If rust takes hold, it could gradually spread and eat holes through the metal in some of the more concentrated areas. With a vehicle wrap, you would only need to clean the surface occasionally to prevent dirt buildup. The surface would not require waxing because vinyl has its own smoothness and luster. If the vinyl becomes damaged in any area, you could simply have the vinyl on that panel of the body replaced. Therefore, any potential maintenance costs for a vehicle wrap would be rare, isolated and economical. By contrast, the cost to fix multiple more significant dings or paint abrasion spots would be significantly higher because you typically need to repaint an entire section or panel if touch-up paint is not an option.

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