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Introducing the aftermarket industry's first and most comprehensive vehicle appearance warranty coverages. With a Transparent Warranty, its just that, transparent. No fine print, no deductible, it is not just a disclaimer. Feel comfort in knowing we at Mirror Image TN offer the same level of customer service and satisfaction through offering this warranty as we do in our day to day operations and client interactions within our brick and mortor shop.

Key Fob Repair/Replacement

Starts at $169.00 for 5 Year Coverage

The hassle of having a key/fob replaced can be a frustrating process. Many automobile manufacturers incorporate technology that requires reprogramming and can be very expensive. The Mirror Image TN Key FOB Replacement Protection covers the repair or replacement of the key/FOB if lost, damaged, or stolen. This includes services such as reprogramming, battery replacement and metal blade key cutting.


  • Repair or replace Key/FOB if lost, damaged, or stolen.

  • Covers cost of reprogramming, battery replacement, and metal blade key cutting.

  • Up to $400 in coverage for standard vehicles, $800 for all other models, per any consecutive 12-month period

  • Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days

  • Available on new and used cars

Glass Replacement Protection

Starts at $399.00 for 5 Year Coverage

No matter the vehicle you drive, windshields have become increasingy more expensive throughout the years, becoming much more than just a piece of glass. With technology on the rise and constant added safety features, the cost to repair or replace them has gone up significantly. The Mirror Image TN glass coverage covers the repair or replacement of the windshield due to stone chips or other road debris. Your coverage will include recalibration, as well as replacement. The Mirror Image TN warranty will eliminate the need for you to make an insurance claim, which could lead to paying a deductible, or higher monthly premiums. Furthermore, Glassparency will be applied to windshields to increase future durability.


  • Glassparency windshield application included

  • Covers the repair or replacement (two different levels of coverage) of the windshield on the vehicle due to rocks, stones, or other road debris

  • Unlimited claims

  • Windshield recalibration included

  • Reapplication of Glassparency in the event of a claim

  • Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days

  • Available on new or used cars

Paintless Dent & Ding

Starts at $199.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Dings and dents are not just an unsightly mishap, often times caused by unknown and irritating circumstances, and can lead to an insurance claim, deductible payments, or out of pocket expense. With the Mirror Image TN PDR coverage, our customers can have peace of mind knowing that dents and dings ruining your vehicle's appearance are a thing of the past.


  • Unlimited repairs up to $1000

  • Covers the repairs of minor dents or dings smaller than 4 inches on exterior, painted, sheet metal panels

  • State of the art dent repair methods

  • Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days

  • Available on new and used cars

Interior Protection

Starts at $179.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Car interiors are some of the most vulnerable areas of a vehicle that are subject to unseen mishaps, especially on a daily driven one. The Mirror Image TN Interior Coverage protects against spills, stains, rips, tears, burns, leather and vinyl seats.


  • Protection against damage from spills, stains, burns, rips, and tears

  • Unlimited repairs, up to $1,000 in coverage

  • Coverage on all carpeted, vinyl, and leather surfaces.

  • Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days per repair visit.

  • Available on new and used cars

Exterior Paint Protection

Starts at $199.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Ceramic paint coatings protect vehicles from uncontrollable variables in our environment, but their efficiency is still subject to being compromised by outside elements, no matter how much you care for them. If such damage would occur to your coated vehicle, The Mirror Image TN Exterior Coverage Warranty will restore your finish to immaculate and clean.


  • Provides protection against water spots, bird droppings, bug splatter, tree sap, saltwater, acid rain, and UV damage/oxidation

  • Unlimited repairs up to $3,500

  • Coating reapplication included in the event of product failure

  • Rental car reimbursement for up to 3 days

  • Available on new and used cars

Headlight Replacement

Starts at $99.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Headlights are a safety feature on cars because of their ability to make roadways optically clear during bad weather or when it is dark. Over time, they can become dull or chalky due to being exposed to the sun or other elements in our environment. Dull headlights can be dangerous to the driver by decreasing visibility while driving. The Mirror Image TN Headlight Protection covers the OEM headlight being repaired, or OEM replaced in the event it cannot be fixed. Furthermore, a product will be applied to a fixed or repaired headlamp to prevent dulling and fading in the future


  • Covers the repair of damaged OEM headlights in the event that they become dull or faded.

  • In the event the headlight cannot be repaired, it will be replaced, up to $500 per headlight

  • Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days

  • Available on new and used cars

PPF-Paint Protection

Starts at $299.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Paint protection film is the ultimate form of protection on your vehicle against road debris and rock chips. Though durable, it is still susceptible to more serious damage when doing its job. With the Mirror Image TN PPF Coverage, your paint and PPF can now be repaired and replaced in the event that road debris penetrates and damage is caused to the paint.


  • Covers the painted surface of a vehicle protected by a paint film protection product from chipping, scratching, or pitting.

  • Painted surfaces will be repaired

  • Paint film protection product reapplied

  • Unlimited repairs up to $3,500 in coverage

  • Rental car reimbursement up to 3 days

Tire/Wheel Protection

Starts at $399.00 for 5 Year Coverage

Unforeseen hazards on the road can lead to wheel and tire damage to even the most careful drivers. Whether its a nail in the tire, or a bad road with potholes bends or cracks your wheel, these scenarios can prove to be an unexpected and costly expense. The Mirror Image TN Wheel and Tire protection ensures these situations won’t be anymore of an inconvenience than they have to.


  • Covers the repair or replacement of wheels
    and tires that are damaged by unforeseen road hazards, such as nails, glass, potholes, and more.

  • Max Benefit $5,000

  • Includes cosmetic damage repair

  • Rental car reimbursement

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