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The BigFoot Nano iBrid can be configured with 3 different functional movements including 3mm random orbital, 12mm random orbital, and rotary. Those movements can then be coupled with a variety of backing plates and brush attachments for various tasks. Changing movements or attachments takes only a moment so changing the tool can be done quickly on the job.



The Nano iBrid gives you the option to cut the cord in the situations where it matters most! Simply plug in the battery and you have up to 30 minutes of run time that allow you polish interior panels, inside engine compartments, or even do spot repairs when a cord isn’t available or convenient. With a rapid recharge rate of ~20 minutes the batteries refresh faster then they are consumed which allows you to run continuously on battery with just a quick swap.



Need to run continuously without interruption? Simply swap out the battery pack for the 9HP120LT cord pack and your Nano iBrid is a corded tool running from standard grid power. The tapered ergonomic design keeps the adapter out of your way and it slides in as easily as a battery.

Rupes BigFoot Nano iBrid