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APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONSDIRECTIONS:Surfaces do not need washing prior to use (unless excessively muddy and dirty).FOR CLEANING AND POLISHING: Spray surfaces, wipe with microfiber towel, flip towel over and lightly buff. BugSlide only enhances your existing finish. If the surface has a flat finish, it will remain flat and streak free. It will not shine. At the same time, if you have a glossy finish, it will buff to a brilliant, streak-free shine. NOTE: When cleaning electronic items, mist on towel then wipe surface.TO REMOVE BUGS: Spray directly on bugs to be removed, doing a small section at a time. Let sit for 30-60 seconds to release bugs, wip, flip towel to dry side and lightly buff. Baked on bugs may require more time and a second application. Can be used in direct sunlight.