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Why HEXIS BodyFence Paint Protection Film (PPF) :

Paint Protection Film is clear ultra-rugged urethane film that protects your vehicle from physical damage like stone chips and damage from road debris. Paint Protection Film combines ultimate durability with brilliant clarity to protect invisibly. Paint Protection Film is the best way to protect your vehicle. HEXIS BodyFence has cutting-edge technology and will protect your vehicle against external aggressions: Scratches – Stone chips – Abrasion – UV rays. In addition, the film facilitates cleaning by preventing dirt from adhering to the paint. It will keep your vehicle……Forever Young! PPF isn't limited to just your front end either, any painted surfaces can be protected so you can get all the protection you want! Common areas include trunk entrances, side blast zones, A-pillars, door cups, and the front edge of the roof. 

HEXIS BodyFence PPF Benefits:

  • Protects your vehicles paint against physical damage like rock chips and scratches that otherwise are a real pain to fix, both physically and on your wallet.

  • HEXIS BodyFence PPF is extremely hydrophobic, so water, dirt, and grime will have a more difficult time sticking to your protected surfaces, and ensuring an easier way to maintain your vehicles clean appearance.

  • The sun can damage your paint even more than rocks, but is often forgotten since it takes such a long period of time. HEXIS BodyFence PPF has UV inhibitors that protect your paint from the harmful rays of the sun and keeps your clear coat from fading and peeling.

  • HEXIS BodyFence PPF is 100% optically clear, so you don't have to worry about your protected areas looking any different that your unprotected areas. With the UV inhibitors, you also never have to worry about HEXIS BodyFence PPF yellowing and ruining that invisible protection.

We offer the Following HEXIS PPF Films: 

  • BodyFenceX (Gloss)

  • BodyFenceM (Matte)

  • BodyFence Black

  • Other colors and patterns available at your request

We offer the below packages for your vehicle:

Partial Front End PPF_edited_edited.png

Partial Protection:

Protect the high impact areas of your vehicle with this partial protection package.


This package includes a full front bumper and mirrors, partial hood and fender tips. (usually 18" - 24" of coverage), but other coverage options available to choose from.

Full Front End PPF_edited.png

Full Front Protection:


This is our most popular application. It's for those who want extensive frontal protection and don’t want the “line” from the Partial Protection package across the hood to affect the appearance of their vehicle.


It features "wrapped edges" where possible so the ends of the film are tucked around the inside of the panels. This makes the film practically invisible.


The package includes the full bumper, headlights, full fenders and hood plus the side mirror caps.

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