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Dr.Beasleys Ceramic Coatings:



 Naturally Self-Heals Micro-Marring and Fine Scratches

A Nano-Resin Pro coating is made of elastomer-derived ceramics that absorb scratches, gradually springing back into their original shape.


 Years of Protection Backed by Warranty

Nano-Resin Pro treatments performed by an Authorized Detailer are eligible for up-to a 25-Year Warranty so you can have the utmost confidence in its protection.


 Superhydrophobic for Active, High Performance Water Repellency

Surface-engineered for low sliding angle, Nano-Resin Pro actively pushes water off the surface to self-clean and reduce water spots.


 No Solvent, 100% Solids Formula For Extreme Thickness

Get 6 μm of coating thickness with only a single layer thanks to Nano-Resin Pro’s solvent-free, 100% solids formulation.


 Ultra-Deep & Hyper-Reflective Candy-Like Gloss

Nano-Resin Pro creates a gloss with incredible depth and enhanced clarity for maximum distinction of image.

Ceramic Coatings are offered in Non-Warrantied 12 month, 18 month and 3 years. Fully Warrantied Coatings are offered in 5 Year, 7 Year and Life-Time (25 Year). 

Paint Correction is REQUIRED before application of any Ceramic Coating Packages regardless of the age of the vehicle, or if the Vehicle is Brand New from the Dealership!!! This is to ensure a properly prepared surface for the ceramic coating to properly bond and cure too, We will not apply any of our ceramic coating packages without the surface properly being prepped beforehand. Paint Correction is included in all of our Ceramic Coating Packages, additional Paint Correction to be charged at an hourly rate if needed.
It is also REQUIRED that we see your vehicle in person, under proper lighting for us to give an Accurate Quote.


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